Exactly Why Your Business Needs a Lawyer

Many small business owners believe that they can perform the duties of setting up and operating their company without legal advice. However, when a lawyer pays attention to the needs of the business owner and provides practical legal advice, it can alleviate many of the headaches experienced by the small business owner. In fact, at some point operating a small business will require the services of an experienced attorney. It is best to hire one beforehand, to make operating the company much easier.


In the event that the small business incorporates, it is essential to hire the skills of an experienced attorney. This is true whether forming an LLC, or starting a partnership. Larger businesses that will have a board and shareholders require the skills of an experienced, reputable attorney. This is because corporate paperwork and tax requirements at times can be extremely overwhelming to the novice.

Litigation and Lawsuits

Anytime businesses face litigation, it can quickly become an overwhelming scenario that could cost thousands if not prepared properly. Litigation can arrive from a variety of sources including the government, a customer, or a former employee. Because lawsuits can appear from anywhere, it is essential to be represented by an experienced attorney that has a comprehensive understanding of litigation and lawsuit law in the state.

Buying or Selling a Business

Purchasing or selling a business can be both terrifying and exciting. This is because there are numerous contracts that will need to be signed, and complex negotiations to understand. An experienced business attorney should be present during the business sale, whether making a purchase, or selling the company.

Retaining a skilled attorney is best when purchasing a business. This provides the opportunity for a lawyer to read and comprehend all the contracts, negotiate specific terms of the sale, and help the potential business owner avoid any crippling loss of taking on unnecessary debt or other legal ramification. In fact, a skilled attorney will set up the contracts in such a way that the potential business owner can back out of even the most phenomenal deal, if problems arise unexpectedly.

While many times attorneys are portrayed as a shark, a successful business attorney has the ability to help the company owner avoid significant pitfalls involved in business deals. A skilled lawyer understands comprehensive law pertaining to businesses, whether large or small. With the assistance of a qualified attorney, the business owner can build or expand their company without the entanglement of a legal dispute that is complex to understand.

It is essential to develop a solid working relationship with a skilled lawyer. This works much like insurance coverage that the company owner can rely on. Any fees incurred through routine consulting with a skilled, seasoned business attorney will be significantly less than the costs involved in settling a dispute that has the potential of being avoided.

A solid relationship with a stable, reputable business law firm provides the business owner the peace of mind they need, so they can get on with running their business.

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